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On this page is a list of guests I've had the great pleasure to talk with in the studio, since my first Touchstone program aired on Saturday July 13, 1985. Most are folk music performers.

As more guests come to mind, I will add their name. If you came on the show as a guest and your name is not below, please let me know!

Not shown below are performers interviewed outside the studio in Canada, London and Edinburgh (UK) and Chicago -- because I wouldn't be able to remember them all. But talking with Archie Fisher in Lunenburg and Garnet Rogers in downtown Halifax are memorable.

(Guests 2005-2014 are shown on the right)
Below: Guests 1985-2014 (in the studio)

Charlie A'Court
Chloe Albert (AB)
Duane Andrews (NL)
Stephen Antle (ECMA Events Chair)
Yarko Antonevych (ON)
Bob Ardern (UK)
Ardyth & Jennifer
Faye Armsworthy
Darren Arsenault
Tim Arsenault (local journalist)

Katie Baggs (NL)
Jill Barber
Kim Beggs (YT)
Jeannie Beks
Betty Belmore
Katrina Bishop
The Bombadils (PQ)
Bob Bossin (BC)
Steven Bowers
Don Brownrigg (NL)
Dr. Cyril Byrne (local Irish Studies professor)

Cindy Campbell (local poet & storyteller)
Kyle Carey (USA)
Craig Cardiff (PQ)
Stan Carew (before becoming local CBC Radio host)
Dave Carmichael
Margo Carruthers
Al Chaddock (artist)
Bruce Chapman (music retail manager)
Leslie Choyce (author)
Terry Choyce (CKDU show host)
David Chiasson
Marie Christ
Megan Clark (AB) (CKDU show host)
Clearing by Noon
Peter Coffman (ON) (Oliver Schroer's friend)
Alan Collins (profiled Eric Anderson)
Ashley Condon (PEI)
Emma Cook (ON)
Stephen Cooke (local journalist)
Glenn Coolen (piper & CKDU show host)
Kev Corbett
Thomas Cormier (NB)
Rose Cousins (PEI)
Francoise Cote (Deep Roots Music Festival)
Dennis Cox (U.S.) (first host of Touchstone)
Tony Cox (South Africa)
Clary Croft
Scott Croucher (local folk music distributor)
Susan Crowe
Mark Currie

Heather Dale (ON)
Dave Bros.
Kate Delmage (cinema co-founder)
Melanie Doane (ON)
Brian Doherty
Teresa Doyle (PEI)
Willie Drennan
Maria Dunn (AB)

Russell Easy (Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival)
Kevin Evans
Evans & Doherty

Rachel Faro (USA)
Ann Fearon
Leo Feinstein (USA)
David Flemming (Maritime Museum director)
Sayeed Foroughi
Richard Fortier
Chris Foster (UK)
Ian Foster (NL)
David Francey (ON)
Judy Fraser

Deborah Gabinet
Lennie Gallant (PEI)
Cheryl Gaudet
Rick Gautreau
Peter Glenister (long-time listener)
Rob Gordon
David Greenberg (ON)
Sandy Greenberg

Jim Hanlon
Harbour Folk Society (25th anniversary)
Wendy Hart (MB) CKUW radio host
Jim Henman
James Hill (BC)
Roger Howse (NL)
Ron Hynes (NL)

Marilyn Inch (NB)

Lindsay Jane (BC)
Bill Jardine
David Jennings (CKDU show host)
Jasmine Jones (UK born)
Ted Jordan (USA)
Cassie Josephine
Harald Jungst (Germany) (celtic musician & radio broadcaster)

Connie Kaldor (SK)
James Keelaghan (AB)
Kevin Keith (Ginger's owner)
Walter Kemp (PQ) (CKDU show host)
Kindred Spirit
J Knutson (BC)
Erika Kulnys

Joe Landry (book-binder)
Claudine Langille (USA) (was member of Touchstone)
Lazy Jacks
Tom Lewis (BC)
Tom Lyon (USA)

Al MacDonald
Rod MacDonald (USA)
Sandy Macdonald (journalist)
Tony MacDonald (BC)
Ronnie MacEachern
Kendra MacGillivray
Lloyd MacHardy
Catherine MacLellan
Scott MacMillan
Marcus Merrin
Ed McCurdy
Ian McKinnon (Rawlins Cross)
Chopper McKinnon (ON) Folk radio host on CKCU FM in Ottawa, who hosted 'Canadian Spaces' for 33 years until his death in March 2013. This was the longest-running folk radio show in Canada.
Dan McKinnon
Murray McLaughlan (ON)
Rory McLeod (UK)
Cyril McPhee
Ruth Minnikin
Modabo (NB)
Vince Morash
Jaimie Moreira (folklorist & previous host of Touchstone)
Pamela Morgan (NL)
Joe Murray (local eccentric)
Patricia Murray

Naming The Twins

Bobby O'Donovan
Mary O'Hara (ON)
Old Man Luedecke
Don Osburn

Ron Doug Parks
Rosalee Peppard
Jay Perry (exhibit curator)
Pint & Dale (USA)
Jim Pittman
Bill Plaskett (UK)
Joel Plaskett
Phil Potvin

Jimmy Rankin
Rob Ritchie (ON)
Kevin Roach
Nancy Roach
John Roberts (English born - lives in NY State)
Ryan Roberts
Louis Robitaille (Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival)
Karen Robinson
Garnet Rogers (ON)
Rompin' Ronnie (MB) CKUW radio host
Don Ross (ON)
Leon Rosselson (UK)
Sherry Ryan (NL)

Mossie Scanlon (Ireland/Australia)
David Schlosberg (folkdancer)
Ian Sherwood
Grant Simpson (YT)
Bob Smith (USA tourist)
Laura Smith
Robbie Smith
Bob Snider (ON)
Spirit of the West (BC)
Bill Stevenson
Gordon Stobbe
David Stone
Roger Stone
Mary Story
Jimmy Sweeney
Tommy Sweeney
David Swick (journalist)
Bob Switzer (Taz record store owner)

Frank Taylor (NB)
Trevor Tchir (AB)

Valdy (BC)
Rose Vaughan
Del Vezeau (ON)

Kate Weekes (YT)
Kim Wempe (SK)
Julian West
Andrew White (New Zealand)
Jenny Whiteley (ON)
Tanya Wolstenholme (MIANS)
Jennifer Wyatt

Away from the studio, I've enjoyed interviews at folk and busker festivals, in clubs, various places in England and Scotland in '89, and while in Chicago in the late 90's.

I might have forgotten the names of some guests on the show. I can only hope before senility sets in, that if I bang my head or fall down, their names will come back to me.

But I'm not asking you to swing a baseball bat at my skull. The habit of tripping over my own feet however, is becoming more regular than I should admit.

2014 Guests

Oct 11: James Hill
Ukulele wizard James is spreading his wings as he explores new directions with The Old Silo, his new release, launching at The Carleton next Tuesday October 14, with gigs in Truro and Hugh's Room, Toronto.

In addition to Hill's work on ukulele (tenor, baritone and slide), violin and drums, The Old Silo features a number of talented guests: Joel Plaskett sings harmonies throughout and plays drums on five tracks, Anne Janelle brings soaring harmony and cello, Bill Stevenson adds his piano style to three songs and Joe Murphy weighs in with his blues harp on another one.

The album has an edginess and swagger unlike anything Hill has ever done, and was recorded at Joel's studio in Dartmouth, where he was also at the helm.

James continues to travel extensively around the globe, performing in concerts and leading ukulele workshops -- he's bound for Australia very soon. He's also collaborated with his friend Chalmers Doane in re-working his ukulele learning method. And he got married.

Sept 27: Kyle Carey
Kyle is a Gaelic singer, born in Alaska and based in Brooklyn, New York. She was on a small House Concert tour of the Maritimes and after our chat, revisited Cape Breton.

We chose music from her new CD North Star, produced by well-known Irish musician Seamus Egan (Solas), and was recorded in Scotland and the U.S.

Kyle has studied Celtic music and the Scottish Gaelic language in Cape Breton, and Gaelic song on the Isle of Skye. She's been touring the U.S. and Europe for more than three years. Kyle was waitress at the famous Cafe Lena in Saratoga Springs, NY (where previous host of Touchstone, Dennis Cox also worked!).

Sept 12: Ian Sherwood
Ian has a CD Release Party tonight (Sat Sept 13) at The Company House for his 5th release called Everywhere To Go.

He has been named Contemporary Singer of the Year by the 2013 Canadian Folk Music Awards, and Best Male Artist by the 2012 International Acoustic Music Awards -- he is also a multiple Music Nova Scotia Award winner and ECMA nominee.

Aug 2: Louis Robitaille
Louis is leader of the team that selected the performers for this year's Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival (the 29th). He selected music from the performers who were featured there Aug 7-10.

June 28: Bob Ardern
Bob is a fine guitarist and singer/songwriter. He was born in England and moved to Lunenburg after living many years in Ontario. We chose selections from his newest CD Craftsman.

Jun 14: The Bombadils
The BombadilsI saw them this week at The Carleton and their musicality blew me away. They come from BC, AB, PEI and NS and are loosely based in Montreal, where they met at McGill. They have other gigs in the Maritimes and fortunately they happen to be in Halifax Saturday morning to be guests on Touchstone. Their music has elements of Folk, Celtic and Bluegrass, but is uniquely their own. Their debut CD is called Fill Your Boots!

May 10: Maria Dunn
Maria DunnMaria has Scottish-Irish heritage and lives in Edmonton. She came into the studio while on a short Maritime visit and we played music from her latest CD Piece By Piece, made up of her own unvarnished songs about the women who worked at an Edmonton clothing factory. This material is typical of her interest in the lives of working men and women, which is fuelled by her keen social awareness.

For this CD, she was a nominee for Solo Artist of the Year at the 2013 Canadian Folk Music Awards, alongside Stephen Fearing, David Francey, Lynn Miles and John Wort Hannam -- all with excellent releases.

Apr 26: Dan McKinnon
Dan McKinnonAfter thirty years of performing and six recordings, Halifax resident Dan McKinnon continues to convey his finely crafted songs to audiences through his yearly tours in the UK and performances in and around the Maritimes.

Recent forays into Ontario, the US, as well as a tour of Southeastern Australia in 2007 have only furthered to cement Dan’s commitment and passion to the songs and stories of his Atlantic Canadian home.

Dan selected some of his own songs from his CDs and chose some songs from other folk performers too. It was a pleasure to welcome him back again, for he is one of Atlantic Canada's best singer/songwriters. He played the Rose and Kettle Tearoom the following Thursday at the Cole Harbour Heritage Farm.

His website

Apr 12: John Roberts
John RobertsJohn is a long-standing performer and authority on English traditional folksong and toured the Maritimes in a House Concert tour via Home Routes (similar to the tour by Grant Simpson and Kate Weekes last year).
He's lived in New York State for many years, moving from England in the late '60s to study at Cornell, where he met his future singing partner of many years, Tony Barrand.
Coming from England myself in the same time period, I was thrilled to have this rare chance to have an English traditional singer as a guest -- and he didn't disappoint, showing good humour, much insight, skill and knowledge. We played selections from his various CDs.

Feb 8: Craig Cardiff
Craig CardiffA singer/songwriter from Ontario, Craig is a frequent performer in Halifax and last came on the show in February 2009. He played a House Concert the previous night and two shows at The Company House, the same day he came on the show..

A songwriter and troubadour, Craig has a knack for engaging his audiences 'live' and with the help of social media, seems to ensure that when he gets to a gig, there's a crowd waiting for him!

On stage, he can landscape his songs very effectively by using live digital loops. Craig's last album Floods and Fires, earned him a nomination in the 2012 Juno category 'Roots and Traditional Album of the Year: Solo', and a Canadian Folk Music Award nomination as 2012 'Contemporary Singer of the Year'.

Jan 25: Katie Baggs
Katie baggsKatie is from St. Johns, NL. She last performed in Halifax during the 2013 ECMAs, and returned for two gigs at the In The Dead Of Winter Fest in late January, during which she visited the studio.

Katie BaggsHer 2012 debut solo CD home again, home again gained well-deserved praise for her melodic songs and quiet instrumentation.

That same year at the MusicNL Awards, she won for Female Artist of the Year and was nominated for Folk/Roots Artist or Group of the Year and SOCAN Songwriter of the Year.

2013 Guests
Nov 16: Kate Weekes & Grant Simpson
Kate Weekes & Grant SimpsonTwo more performers from the Yukon! Grant is a vaudevillian and a stride piano player. Kate is a singer-songwriter and a dog musher.

They've just returned to Canada after performing at a jazz festival in Nanjing, China. During the last half of November they are doing a Home Routes house concert tour of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI.

They will be chatting about their tour, travels and music, and choosing songs from their album Beneath the Yukon Moon -- it's folk and swing music!

Oct 12: Kim Beggs
Kim BaggsA long way from her Whitehorse, Yukon home, Kim was on an East Coast tour to promote her newest CD called beauty and breaking.

She had opened for Buffy Sainte-Marie at three concerts and played smaller venues in all Atlantic Provinces except PEI. Kim drove to the station in Halifax from Lunenburg where she gigged the night before.

Sept 28: Chloe Albert
Chloe AlbertChloe is a singer/songwriter from Alberta, who first came on the show in June, 2010 when she was booked into The Carleton.

She will be presenting music from her new CD 'Dream Catcher' at The Company House this afternoon at 4 pm.

Chloe won the New/Emerging Artist of the Year award at the Canadian Folk Music Awards in 2008 for her first release 'Dedicated State'.

Sept 21: Cindy Campbell Stone
Cindy is a local storyteller, who described the 'Maritime Folklore Series' being held next weekend during 'Culture Days' at the HRM Alderney Gate Library in Dartmouth.

Helen CreightonThe three events in this series will highlight the Dr. Helen Creighton collection and its importance to our cultural history. Cindy herself will be one of the presenters.

Cindy made some selections from CDs and told a short folktale from the Creighton collection.

I think we need to be reminded about our heritage, in all of its expressions, of which the Creighton collection is a large important part.

Sept 7: Vince Morash
Vince and James This talented singer/songwriter releases his newest collection of songs tonight. He will be talking about his music and choosing selections from his new CD My Father's Compass, which also features masterful guitarist James Crouse.

The subject matter for his songs cover everything from the challenges of making a living as a fisherman to the life of a donut shop server -- reflections on everyday life, some of which can bring a tear to your eye in sorrow or laughter.

Vince is also well known for his weekly Rose and Kettle Concert Sessions at the Cole Harbour Heritage Farm, from Sept. until June.

Vince Morash and James Crouse present music from Vince's new collection of songs tonight, Sat Sept 7, 7 pm, Port Wallis United Church, 263 Waverley Rd, Dartmouth, near Shubie Park.

August 24: Claudine Langille
Claudine Langille I'm thrilled I had a chance to chat with a musician/singer who was a member of a group, whose name the show is named after. It feels a bit strange... like a homecoming for me!

Touchstone was an Irish/Appalachian group based in North Carolina and led by Irish musician Tríona Ní Dhomhnaill. Touchstone was active in the early 1980s and released two LP's, 'The New Land' and 'Jealousy' in '82 and '84. Other members were Zan McLeod, Mark Roberts, Skip Parente and Claudine Langille.

Claudine has Nova Scotia roots and spends her summers in Lunenburg County, although she lives in the Eastern U.S., where for a number of years she has been a member of Gypsy Reel. She can sing from a variety of songs, original and traditional, and skillfully plays tunes on the mandolin and tenor banjo.

Aug 3: Louis Robitaille
Louis is one of the team that selected the performers for this year's Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival (the 28th). He selected music from performers who performed at it, Aug 8-11.

July 27: Ann Fearon
Ann FearonOriginally from Dalhousie in New Brunswick, Ann now makes her home in Dartmouth.
Having grown up in a tightly-knit paper-mill town, she has a deep respect for the working class life. The fabric of the culture of the maritime provinces informs her songwriting, with themes of family, community, regional history, and rural life.
Ann has a career in health care, but finds fulfillment in the self-expression of songwriting. Whether being lighthearted or at other times deeply introspective, she strives to be authentic and genuine in the stories she tells.
She garnered first runner-up honours in the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival songwriting competition two years running (2009 and 2010), with original songs from her first CD Roadside Flowers.
Ann appeared again at Folk Harbour last year as a 'Ken Matheson Program' performer.
We will make selections from her recently released second CD entitled Constellation. In October she wil host an official release for it.

July 13: Mossie Scanlon
Mossie ScanlonThanks to Leo Feinstein, Mossie is my guest today. A traditional Irish singer who sings in the sean-nós style of singing, Mossie and Cian O'Morain (storyteller and multi-instrumentalist), come to the Maritimes from the Dingle peninsula in Ireland for a two-week 'Maritime Ramble II', and then they go to Boston for a few gigs. They are sponsored by An Cumann and will be peforming Music, Song and Story at the Music Room next Saturday (July 20) and at a couple of workshops in Halifax.

June 15: Deborah Gabinet
Deborah GabinetDeborah moved to the Hubbards area from the West Coast and although an accomplshed musician and singer, had never attempted songwriting before. She's battled through various difficulties and will have her first CD release event next Thurs. June 20 at Stayner's Wharf, featuring some top-notch local musicians backing her up. ‘Eclectic Deb’ plays some original blues, a taste of jazz, chased by a pint of Celtic!

June 1: Ashley Condon
Ashley CondonAshley is from PEI. Her first release earned her recognition at the Music Nova Scotia Awards (while she was living in Halifax), East Coast Music Awards and the Canadian Folk Music Awards. She has a fabulous new sophomore CD, This Great Compromise produced by David Francey and released on his own label. She will be holding a CD release event for it at The Company House at 4 pm this same day, Saturday June 1 with the BBQ Kings.

April 20: Megan Clark
Megan ClarkMegan is from Southern Alberta and hosted a folk show on CKDU (Why Folk, Why Not?) while at Dalhousie studying for a Masters degree. She also sat on the CKDU Board and was involved in many station activities as volunteer. Having just graduated and a few days before leaving Halifax for a job in Edmonton at CKUA, she was a guest and chose her own selections of music -- a chance to say "thank you" for all that she did at CKDU.

2012 Guests
Oct 6: Cassie Josephine
Cassie JosephineSinger/songwriter from Cape Breton who I heard busking at the Seaport Market. She played the Company House that night, opening for Norma Macdonald -- both from New Waterford!

Sep 29: Sherry Ryan
Sherry RyanSinger/songwriter from St. John's, NL who was playing the Company House tonight. She selected a couple of songs from her 3rd CD, 'Sister of Mine'.

Aug 4: Marilyn Keddy & Louis Robitaille ...two of the organizers of the 27th Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival, informed us as to what music can be enjoyed there! (Aug 9-12)

March 31: Rosalie Peppard
Rosalee PeppardSinger/songwriter Rosalee Peppard is a collector and interpreter of Nova Scotia's rich oral tradition. She has interviewed senior East Coast women, to research, write and perform their stories, but was busy preparing a musical re-enactment of Nova Scotia's only Titanic survivor, Hilda Mary Slayter Lacon, in a musical memoir called 'Living Titanic'. This featured her, accompanied by Kate Dunlay on violin, and debuted at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic on April 10. Her most recent CD shown above, is her 3rd and is called 'Voices'.

March 17: Leo Feinstein
Leo FeinsteinLeo will be talking about and singing a few 'Protest Songs of the 30s and 40s' (in the U.S.) that he will feature at the Rose and Kettle Concert Session next Thursday March 22 at 7 pm. Leo is a long-term visitor to Halifax from 'the Boston States' and has sung many times at folk venues in the area. The songs come from a time when life and death battles were fought for decent wages and working conditions. Union songs were "organizing tools and weapons" (Joe Hill), and everyone joined in the chorus. Included in his material are other protest songs of the era: anti-jim crow, anti-war, anti-McCarthy. Lots of sing-alongs. It will be a busy time on-air!

Feb 18: Karen Robinson
Karen RobinsonKaren is a local singer/songwriter who is releasing her first CD of her own material on Thursday Feb 23 at the Rose and Kettle Concert Sessions at the Cole Harbour Rural Heritage Farm.
Karen will talk sbout her music and choose some selections from the new CD which is called She's A Keeper.


Jan 28: Steven Bowers
Ian FosterSteven is a Newfoundland singer/songwriter who has lived in Labrador and for the last few years in Halifax, He's currently in Alberta as his wife finishes her studies, but has returned for the 'In the Dead of Winter Festival' as a performer. He made selections from his newest CD called 'Beothuk's Words' and talked about his music.

2011 Guests

Nov 26: Meghan Clark
Meghan is a Dal student and hosts a folk show on Tuesday mornings from 10:30 - noon, called 'Why Folk, Why Not', and it's worth a listen! In the second hour, she chose some of the music that she would play on her program.

Sept 24: Julia Landry, Jon Stone and Cindy Campbell
(...representing Metro's Harbour Folk Society, Rose and Kettle Concert Sessions and What The Folk!). They described the history, and activities of their group for the current Season, with some musical choices.

Sept 17: Ian Foster
Singer/songwriter from St. John's, who has a new CD out. He will drove up to Halifax for the chat from Petite Riviere, on his way to Glace Bay -- having gigs in both places. He played the Rose and Kettle Tearoom in Cole Harbour on Thu Sep 22.

Sept 10: Bonnie Ste-Croix
From Gaspe and living in Halifax, Bonnie has recorded one song in every Province and Territory of Canada for her Canadian Girl album. There was a CD release at the Company House, Halifax on Sat Sept 17, at the start of a Coast-to-Coast tour.

July 30: Marilyn Keddy & Louis Robitaille ...two of the organizers of the 26th Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival, will be informing us as to what music you can enjoy there next weekend! (Aug 4-7)

July 16: Norma MacDonald
New Waterford's talented singer/songwriter Norma MacDonald was in the group Highland Heights. She's just released her third solo CD 'Morning You Wake', produced by Halifax multi-instrumentalist Phil Sedore (Amelia Curran, Catherine MacLellan). Her previous release 'the forest for the trees' was nominated in 2009 for a Nova Scotia Music Award and an ECMA for Female Solo Recording of the Year.

She's just finished a cross-country tour and her next gig is Mon July 18 at The Company House -- an Annie Lennox Tribute in support of Angels and Heroes Theatre Company, featuring Ryan McGrath, Christina Martin, Tanya Davis and more! Part of Halifax Pride Week celebrations.

Jun 18: Bob Ardern
Bob is a fine guitarist and singer/songwriter. He was born in England and moved to Lunenburg after living many years in Ontario. We selected from his two CD's of songs and one of guitar instrumentals. That night he was the featured performer at the Harbour Folk Society's Kitchen Party at the Rose and Kettle Tearoom in Cole Harbour.

Jun 11: Wendy Hart & Rockin' Ronnie Lindsay
They both do radio programs on CKUW FM at the University of Winnipeg. Wendy hosts 'Simply Sunday' and Ronnie hosts 'Bluesday' and they both shared their interest in the music they like and present and Wendy selected music from some Winnipeg performers.
They were in Halifax for the 30th annual 'National Campus and Community Radio Conference', hosted by CKDU, June 6-10.

Apr 16: Maria Dunn
Bev Lamb and Maria Dunn
Alberta singer/songwriter Maria Dunn played two weeks of house concerts on a Maritime tour, and having played Mahone Bay the night before, journeyed to Halifax to be on the show and then headed to South Farmington for her last gig.
Nominee - 2009 Canadian Folk Music Awards
Honourable Mention - 2009 USA Songwriting Competition
Nominee - 2002 Juno Awards

Jan 15: Naming The Twins
Naming The TwinsNaming the Twins (Robbie Smith and Kath Glauser), besides being guests, were also the featured performers at the Harbour Folk Society's Kitchen Party at the Rose and Kettle Tearoom, Cole Harbour Heritage Farm, that night.

They've performed at a couple of Rose & Kettle sessions there, but this is their first HFS Kitchen Party. Their website.

Their new CD, Sweet Transitions, was produced by Paul Mills who has worked with Stan Rogers, Tanglefoot and Ron Hynes, among many others. It was a welcome return to Touchstone for Robbie, who graced the show many years ago.

2010 Guests

Dec 18:
In the second hour, Roger Stone and Darryl Landry offered pointers -- to novices as well as seasoned performers -- in the preparation of demos. They reviewed the key ingredients required for putting songs in the hand of artists who are recording hits in the hi-tech studios of Nashville and L.A.
Roger and Darryl selected songs from CD's by artists who write for the love of the art, and some whose job is to write hits for today's stars.

Dec 4: Kim Wempe
Kim WempeSaskatchewan singer/songwriter Kim Wempe has lived in Halifax and Antigonish, and now lives just outside the more easterly university town.
Her new release is 'Painting With Tides'. She was named Galaxie Rising Star of the Year at the ECMA in March.

Nov 13: Ian McKinnon of Rawlins Cross
Formed in St. John’s in the late 1980's, Rawlins Cross were at the vanguard of the fusion of Celtic traditional music with the rhythms of rock, pop and worldbeat. In 2008, they reunited after a hiatus and released Anthology, a compilation of its best recorded songs. Since then the band has been performing across Canada and is booking the 2011 Festival season in support of their new release, Heart Head Hands -- their first full album in 12 years.

Nov 6: Songs & Words of Remembrance

Oct 9: Evans & Doherty
Years ago they were guests on consecutive shows, but in celebration of their 25 years together and in my 25th year of Touchstone -- I was pleased to welcome back and TOGETHER this time, Halifax-based Irish musicians Kevin Evans and Brian Doherty. The music was from their celebratory 2 CD compilation 'Evans & Doherty ~ 25 Years', released earlier this year.

Sep 18: Ron Hynes
Ron HynesFrom Newfoundland, Ron is one of Canada's best and most respecterd singer/songwriters. Our chat included selections from his soon-to-be-released 'Stealing Genius' CD on Borealis and comment on Bill MacGillivray's new doc film about him, 'The Man of a Thousand Songs', which premiered recently at the Toronto International Film Festival and the Atlantic Film Festival.

Aug 28: Dave Stone
It's one week away and Dave Stone will once again, tell us all about the 2nd Halifax Harbour Sea Music Festival in Halifax, Sept 4-5.

Jul 31: Russell Easy
Russell had lots of info about the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival (Aug 5-8), and he chose music from some of the performers who played there.

Jul 3: Dave Stone & Jon Stone
Dave StoneDave and Jon talked about the plans underway for the inaugural Halifax Harbour Sea Music Festival, to run the weekend of Sept 4-5. Shanty-type songs and so much more.
Festival website
Dave's website

Jun 26: Chloe Albert & Emma Cook
Chloe Albert and Emma CookChloe Albert (from Alberta) and Emma (born in Ontario) have a number of gigs in this area -- Stayner's Wharf, The Carleton and Company House among others, before performing at StanFest.

Chloe won the New/Emerging Artist of the Year award at the Canadian Folk Music Awards in 2008 for her first release 'Dedicated State'.

Jun 5: Rose Cousins
Rose CousinsShe is a talented singer/songwriter from PEI, has multiple awards and nominations for her music on the East Coast, has toured across Canada and in the US, and is in demand for her harmony singing.

Her newest CD is called 'the send off' (she likes lower-case), and she selected a number of songs from it.

May 22: Peter Coffman
Peter has a photographic exhibit on Nova Scotia churches at the Dal Art Gallery and he walked the Camino with Oliver Schroer. He leaves Halifax for a professorship at Carleton U. in Ottawa soon, so all the best!

Apr 17: Roger Howse
The bluesman's new CD '...long time comin' was released this week at Bearly's, so it was time to bring him in for a chat and to hear the tunes.

2009 Guests
Nov 28: James Hill
James HillHe's a ukulele virtuoso, and with Anne Davison, won a Canadian Folk Music Award last weekend, for their release 'True Love Don't Weep'. James comes from B.C., but now lives in this province and is a friend of and lives close to, ukulele pioneer and music teacher Chalmers Doane.

Nov 15 -- Songs of Remembrance

Oct 17: Dave Stone
David described the performers and planning for the 'Maritime Sea Shanty and Song Festival' at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, to be held the next day -- which would be a sample of the big event to take place in a year or two.

Aug 29: Kev Corbett
Kev's new CD...a local singer/songwriter, who's just released his second CD called 'Son of a Rudderless Boat'. He's been drummer with acadian band Blou and toured Europe, played solo all over the place, received a great response at the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival recently, and is a much-in-demand backup musician on many instruments!!!

Aug 1: Russell Easy
Find out about the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival, Aug 9-9. Russell is on the Selection Committee that selects the musicians at the 'Festival.

May 9: Tribute to Pete Seeger
...on his 90th birthday, rebroadcast from 'Democracy Now' on CKDU last Monday, but originating in New York City.

May 2: Thomas Cormier
Thomas Cormier ...(of Razzmatazz for Kids). Part 2 of Tom's selection of Cajun music (Part 1 was on Apr 18, when he selected musicians from the early days of recorded music).

Mar 28: Roger Stone
Roger StoneFormer lead-singer and songwriter for the band Breakin' Tradition, Roger is from Cape Breton and a fine banjo player, singer/songwriter and musician, who has more than 25 years experience in performing and teaching rock, folk, country, bluegrass and blues. He chose his own selections of music in the second hour.

Feb 28 and Mar 14: Bill Plaskett
Bill PlaskettEngland-born Bill chose his own favourite selections from recordings, spread across two programs. He will be touring across Canada this Spring on some gigs with his son, Joel — even Massey Hall in Toronto (where I saw the Band and Cream).

Feb 14: Craig Cardiff
Craig CardiffCraig is a singer/songwriter from Wakefield in Quebec. He played Ginger's Tavern this weekend. This would have been his third visit to Touchstone, but he didn't show up, saying later that he was sick.

Feb 7: Peter Coffman
Peter CoffmanFive years ago, Peter, Oliver Schroer and their wives, walked 1,000 kilometres along the Camino de Santiago from France to Northern Spain.

The conversation Schroer had with host Mary Hynes of CBC Radio's 'Tapestry' about the walk, won a Gabriel award.

Peter took photographs while on the walk and Oliver recorded himself while playing his fiddle at various locations on the way.

Peter has an exhibition of his photographs taken on the pilgrimage, at the Viewpoint Gallery on Barrington St. and he gave a talk at King's College last Wednesday.

Oliver Schroer released the CD 'Camino' of his live playing on the pilgrimage. He had played the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival with James Keelaghan and Don Ross (Harbord Trio). He sadly died last year of leukemia.

Peter talked about his photography and the pilgrimage and made selections from Oliver Schroer's 'Camino' and 'Hymns and Hers' CD's. We finished our chat an hour after the show was supposed to finish, because the next programmer was absent!

2008 guests
Dec 6: The music of Eric Andersen
Eric Andersen...with guest Alan Collins, who now lives in Dartmouth and came here from Toronto three years ago. Alan has been a friend of Eric's for over 30 years.

Nov 29: Dave Stone
Dave presented the 9th Annual Halifax Explosion Concert, called "December 6 - 1917 in Word and Song". It featured Dave Stone and Friends, in support of programs at APSEA (formerly the Sir Frederick Fraser School for the Blind). The show was on Sunday Dec. 7 at O'Carroll's Irish Pub on Upper Water Street at Duke. All proceeds were donated. The show ran about two hours. Dave chose music from many songs he's written and recorded about the 'Explosion, performed by himself and his musical friends.

Nov 22: Don Brownrigg
...told us about his gig tonight with The Olympic Symphonium (from Fredericton) in Halifax. They are having a CD release! (The group were stranded in NB because of a snow storm, and the gig was rescheduled for Fri Dec 12.)

Nov 1: Clary Croft
Clary CroftClary gave information about the Canadian Society for Traditional Music Conference (CSTM) at St. Mary's University (Nov 13-16).


The Helen Creighton Folklore Society were the local hosts of the event and Clary gave the keynote welcoming address.

July 26: Shelah Allen
Shelah told us who will be featured this year at the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival -- in two weeks!

May 10: Lindsay Jane
Lindsay JaneSinger/songwriter who opened for Charlie A'Court on his Maritime tour. Her Halifax gig was at Stayner's Wharf in Halifax on May 13.

Apr 19: Old Man Luedecke
Proof of Love CDHis new CD 'Proof of Love' had its release on Apr 26 at St. George's Round Church in Halifax. He chose some cuts from it and played a bit of banjo!

Apr 12: Jenny Whiteley
Dear CDJenny played some gigs in Nova Scotia and came on the show the morning after playing Ginger's in Halifax. She selected some cuts from her CD's - the first two won Juno's!

Mar 15: A Tribute to Tommy Makem
Jimmy Sweeney & Brian Dohertywith local Irish-born musicians Brian Doherty and Jimmy Sweeney (Jimmy is a nephew of Tommy's)

Jan 26: Dan McKinnon
He described his tour in Australia last November, played some Aussie music and previewed some music from his newest release.

2007 guests
Dec 8: Jennifer Wyatt Winter Fire CD
...of Ardyth & Jennifer - a local duo of harpists & singers

Dec 1: David Stone
Dave has written and recorded quite a few songs about the Halifax Explosion (Dec 6, 1917), and he organised two events on this anniversary, in support of the music program at APSEA.

Halifax Explosion

Nov 24: Craig Cardiff & Heather Kelday
Craig lives in Wakefield, Quebec and plays Ginger's tonight and Sunday night. He played the Pearl in Lunenburg last night and is supporting his first studio album for a long time.

Nov 10: Tony Cox
Tony is a fine South African fingerstyle guitarist and on a Maritime Tour.
Tony Cox and I and his special guitar
Tony Cox at the Economy Shoe Shop

Oct 7: Garnet Rogers
Garnet Rogers
Garnet played Ginger's on Friday eve and came on the show the next morn.
Garnet Rogers + Blackie & the Rodeo Kings
After my chat with Garnet, he met Stephen Fearing, Colin Linden & Tom Wilson, who were guests on the next show!

Sep 22: Catherine MacLellan
Church Bell Blues CDDaughter of Gene (Snowbird) MacLellan, her 2nd release has just been picked up by True North Records. She plays Ginger's tonight.

Aug 25: Lazy Jacks from PEI
Released new CD this week

Aug 4: Russell Easy
Find out about the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival, Aug 9-12

July 28: Dave Chaisson & Phil Potvin
Find out about the 4th Annual Atlantic Harmonica Festival at Lake Charlotte on Aug 18

July 21: Heather Dale & Ben Deschamps
Bev and Heather DaleFrom Toronto, Heather and Ben were touring the Maritimes and performed at the Harbour Folk Society's gig at Cole Harbour Heritage Farm that night

June 23: David Francey & Craig Werth
David FranceyThey both played the Alderney Landing Theatre in Dartmouth that night

May 5: Connie Kaldor
Connie Kaldor's new CDJuno winner Connie was in concert that same night for 'In a Woman's Life', presented by the Aeolian Singers and Susan Crowe, at the Rebecca Cohn Auditorium, Dalhousie Arts Centre.

Mar 10: Mark Currie
Mark CurrieThe group's 2nd celtic/world CD was launched today. Mark Currie, who is in the group, played his didgeridoo.

Feb 10: Stephen Antle
Stephen is Event Chair for the ECMA Awards and Conference, Feb 15-18 in Halifax. He chose music from some of the nominees and gave information about the many events.
ecma web

Feb 3: Don Brownrigg + friends
Don is one of the organizers of the 2nd 'In the Dead of Winter Music Festival', Feb 7-11 in Halifax. He's a rootsy singer/songwriter and one of the performers too. Joining him will be Sean Kemp, an experimental violinist, and singer/songwriter Pamela Underwater.
festival web

Jan 27: Kevin Roach web
The Downpour
ECMA nominee for instrumentalist of the year.

Jan 20: Craig Cardiff web
Craig Cardiff & Paul Cressman on bass
(Craig is from Wakefield, Quebec and on an east coast tour)

2006 guests

Dec 9: Roger Howse web
(A Newfoundlander and great player of the blues)

Nov 25: Ruth Minnikin web
(Recently released her CD 'Folk Art')

Nov 18: Rob Ritchie (Ont) web
(from Ontario, was in Tanglefoot, 3 gigs in Nova Scotia)

Nov 11: Remembrance Day special

Oct 21: Erika Kulnys web
(Recently released her first CD)

Sep 23: Jill Barber web
(Recently released her first full-length CD)

Sep 9: Francoise Cote web
(Programming Coordinator for the Deep Roots Music Festival in Wolfville)

Sep 2: Rose Cousins web
(Just released her first full-length CD)

Aug 5: Julian West web
(Introduced a new website that promotes Canadian house concerts).

July 29: Russell Easy web
(Programming Committee Chair of the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival)

June 24: Cindy Campbell
(One of the organizers of the Storytelling Conference in Halifax)

May 27: Trevor Tchir web
(From Edmonton and on a cross-country tour)

May 20: Dave Schlosberg
(President of the Folkdancers Association of Nova Scotia - who chose folk dance music that is played during local folk dances)

May 6: Clearing by Noon web
(Three Halifax women who have just released a CD of Peace Songs)

Apr 22: Al Macdonald
(A Nova Scotian singer-songwriter who has just released a CD of songs about a chairmaker)

Apr 15: Heather Dale web
(On phone from Saint John; Toronto singer-songwriter who is touring her new CD in the Maritimes)

Mar 11: Dan McKinnon web
(Halifax singer-songwriter selected songs from his most recent CD)

Feb 11: Ruth Minnikin web
(Halifax singer-songwriter chose selections from her previous releases)

Jan 28: Dave Carmichael web
(Halifax singer-songwriter chose selections from his new CD)

2005 guests

Dec 17: David Stone
Dec 10: Old Man Luedecke
Nov 12: 'Hour of Peace' (Local anti-war speakers)
Oct 1: Clearing By Noon
Jul 30: Harbour Folk Society (25th anniversary)
Jun 18: Gordon Stobbe web
May 21: Joel & Bill Plaskett web
Joel & Bill Plaskett
Mar 26: Andrew White web
Don Ross and Del Vezeau
Jan 22: Bob Switzer web
Jan 15: Heather Dale web

Rory McLeod from the UK
Rory was a guest on Jul 31, 2004