T o u c h s t o n e

~ t h a n k s

Previous hosts
Thanks to Dennis Cox for starting 'Touchstone' in the first place... and to Jamie Moreira for keeping the name of the show and asking me to take the program over in 1985.

Fill-in hosts
Thanks to these stalwarts who have filled-in for me over the years: Walter Kemp, Jason Colville, Doug Taylor, Stephen Cooke, David Stone, Dave Chiasson, Waye Mason, Glenn Coolen, Terry Choyce, etc.

Walter Kemp
Walter has been a constant friend and on-air companion for nearly 30 years. He hosts the Saturday Morning Musical Box, a classical music program from 8-10 am every Saturday morning — the program that precedes Touchstone. He is the retired Chairman of the Music Dept. at Dalhousie University, and is a Musicologist, Choir Director, etc.

Below is my poster for both our shows.

My poster for both shows

Walter Kemp
Walter's entry in the Canadian Encyclopedia
(not current as of Nov. 2014)